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How Nursery Room Colors Affect Your Baby

Did you know a baby’s mood can be affected by their nursery room colors? Just like how colors have meanings and can affect our mood, the same goes for babies. Colors closest to your baby should also be considered when purchasing toys and blankets. We have compiled a list of nursery room colors. Some colors work great as an accent, while others should be used plentifully.


Yellowyellow nursery room colors

Use yellow with caution. Yellow is a color that should be used as an accent because it is bright and can strain your baby’s eyes. This can cause your baby to be upset and you won’t be able to figure it out. However, yellow is typically associated with happiness a subtle yellow in your baby’s nursery can lead to happier thinking.


Greengreen nursery room colors

Green is one of the best nursery room colors. It promotes a calm and healthy learning environment for your baby. Earthy colors such as green can soothe you and your baby. It has also been shown to increase creativity and wellness.



Red walls around your baby should be avoided. It can lead to aggressive attitudes and a lack of focus. Darker red used as an accent is definitely a good way to go if you don’t want to miss out on this impactful color.



blue nursery room colors

Blue is a great color to use in a nursery. Be careful using blue-grays because they can lead to sadness in your baby. Some shades of blue can even make your baby less hungry. However, the best blues to use for you nursery room colors are warm bright.



purple nursery room colors

Depending on the shade of purple, using it in a nursery typically has the positive effects of both blue and red. Soothing your baby and energizing them. Lavender and lilac are the calmest and most serene purples.



white nursery room colors

White should only be used in small amounts. Not only does white stain easily in what can be a very messy room, it is a very limiting color. However, if you want to go with white walls, you should accent the room with a variety of colors. In addition, white can have a soothing effect.



orange nursery room colors

Orange is a great color choice because it is warm, welcoming, and comforting. Darker oranges are a great option, like yellow, orange can be over stimulating and can do more harm than good.


No matter the nursery room colors you choose for you baby, baby boys and baby girls will both benefit from these colors.

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